Watch This! Jo Boaler’s Ted Talk

Welcome back everyone! I can’t believe it’s week 3 already.
At one of our PMSS conferences last year, the name Jo Boaler was mentioned as someone doing great work on Growth Mindset in mathematics. Her Ted Talk is amazing. Growth Mindset is not always something we tend to think about when it comes to mathematics. She discusses some of the newest neurological findings that directly link Growth Mindset and mathematics achievement and that our brains ‘see’ fingers when we calculate. ‘Finger perception’ is directly linked to students ability to calculate with more accuracy than standarised testing. Now consider this statement

‘When we stop children from using their fingers to count, its akin to halting their numerical development.’

Curious now?

So take 12 minutes out of your busy day- you can just listen to it and pretend its a podcast if that’s more your scene. It will get you thinking- guaranteed!